It's not one-size-fit-all

We customize our solution based on what you need, and how you use it

What we actually do?

Dash for Lenders made to be the lead generator of your business. It centralizes all database of dealerships around and let your customer browse like a marketplace. Your role is simply finish the deals and let your customers enjoy their car.

Everything in one place

We connect everything into one platform so you can control your business seamlessly. No more switching one another anymore.

All digital

Everything is online: Full digital dealer jacket, Online audio/video call and call, Online User account

Business Intelligence

You can have everything at a glance with Advanced analytic dashboard, revenue tracking, deal pipeline. Everything in one CRM.

Support 24/7

Just pick up your phone and call us, we are there to help you 24 hours everyday

New technologies

Our solutions are developed with latest technologies on the market, making sure that your business run as smooth as possible


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